Monday, July 25, 2011

just get up

So he said to the paralyzed man, “Get up, take your mat and go home.”
Then the man got up and went home.

Matthew 9:6-7

The guys are gone to a baseball game and I am left with an incredibly huge chunk of time to do whatever I want with. It boggles the mind.

First, I will blog.

Second, I will pay bills. (eat your vegetables!)

Third, I will sew, with this post as my inspiration. (dessert!)

Yesterday we read the wonderful story of the healing of the paralyzed man. As it has many times, the words "Get up and walk" really struck me. I just find it so perfect that Jesus healed but also gave the paralyzed man a command he had to obey to really live in the fullness of his healing. If he had just sat back down and not walked, he would have still been healed, but not received the fulfillment of that miracle.

Earlier this week, I heard about a friend who has fallen. There is brokeness and pain in their life and in some degree, a kind of paralysis. So as I heard this familiar story, I found myself praying the command that Jesus gave.

Get up.
Get up.
Get up and walk.
Healing is available, its right there, but you have to live it out.
You have to get up and walk.
Home is waiting for you.

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