Saturday, February 4, 2012

adam thada, i need you here

what is more fun than comparing different health insurance plans?

what else could delight the soul more that juggling numbers for deductibles, premiums (why cant they just say the word payment?), copays and coinsurance?

what could bring more joy than comparing your bank account to your monthly income and deciding which one should take the bigger hit?

One word- ANYTHING.


  1. Oh, sigh, yes, that moment comes for us at the end of March every year. Q: which plan should we choose that doesn't cost too much more than last year's and still offers almost as much coverage....

  2. We're going through the same decision right now too. Arg.

  3. Unrelated to this post, but I don't remember your email address:
    I had linked to a post on your old blog, and now I want to find it again. Would you be willing to send me the info from it? I'm sorry to do this to you twice now; I liked your blog! :-)