Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good excuses

I have been gone for a while from this place.  There just wasn't room in my mind or my day for writing.  But Rebecca asked, so I thought I should at least let you know I am alive.  Hmm, my last post was April 22.  Since then the following has happened:

- My son had surgery
- My husband graduated
- School ended
- We moved to a new house (same town)
- Same son had 2 infections
- 3 days training for my new job
- 1 theater camp
- 1 soccer camp (and our boy was player of the week!)
- vacation church school
- husband has had job interviews (2nd interview on Tuesday- please pray)

So, I have good excuses, right?

Our summer is definitely a season of transition for our family.  We have settled so well in this new house, it makes me realize how many inconveniences the last house had.  This house has room for playing, dreaming and living.

This fall is looking to be busy with new things for all of us.  But I want to come to this space and share as I can the reflections on these days.