Sunday, April 22, 2012

the magic of three

For just 9 days (3x3)
One of us is 6 (2x3)
one of us is 9  (3x3)
two of us are 36 (12x3)
three is cool

Friday, April 20, 2012

And now we are six. . .

Oh, my little man. How my heart just glows when I think of you. I can't even count the number of times Daddy and I have looked at each other with laughter in our eyes as you come in the room with a new costume or make a wise and funny observation of life. You are outside right now, as you are all the time you don't have to be inside.

Today you are Robin Hood, and i hear you bossing around your merry men and preparing for battle.

You really love chips. As you pointed out to us, you don't just have a sweet tooth- all your teeth are sweet.

You love to move- sports, cars, scooters, bikes, and just plain running. For your party, you want to just run races with your friends. With all this movement, you are still my cuddle bug and I savor the moments you get in bed with us and just lay still, letting me smell that boy smell on you- a mixture of dirt, sweat and leftover candy.

Most of all I love your heart. How you look to your daddy for all that is good and stable in the world and how your heart broke and tears rolled as you learned of neighbor boys that don't have a daddy. You are fierce in your desires and passions and you dig in your heels on things you want. But in the end, you do what you know you should and come to us with hugs and joy renewed.

Someday this strong spirit will help you hold strong in hard times. You will live life with action and passion, and probably in the great outdoors.

Six is a wonderful year. I am so happy to be by your side as you learn and grow this year. I love you, sweet pea.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

what i have heard lately

:: two boys yelling "Christ is Risen" and "He is risen indeed" in as many languages as they can. They especially love Swahili.

:: After tucking in an almost 6 year old very sweet and very honest boy, "Mama, when you bend over your tummy kind of looks like you have a baby in it." Ouch. It's true. But don't get excited, its not a baby in there. :)

:: another precious observation from the same boy "So when Jesus went to Hades to let out the people who had died, he got to see his dad, Joseph, right?"

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

He who makes all things new

It has been a while. . . have you noticed the silence?

It is a time of year and a time of our lives when much is going on. And when I would look at this blog, nothing came to mind, so I wrote nothing.

Seasons of silence are good.

I am in a spring cleaning mode- more than my regular attempt at window cleaning. I am going through the black hole we call a basement where all the forgotten toys, extra books and unwanted stuff is laid to rest.

It is not a sure thing, but it looks like we could be moving to another house in our small town.

A good reason to purge. Anyone need a lite brite?

No big inspiring words here, but I have joined Paperback Swap, which I am hoping will take away some of the not so beloved books here and get us some new ones for homeschooling next year. I love the idea of using the social networking power of the internet for almost free books. :)

I have an icon on the side and if you join, you can put my name in (for those of you who know me in real life, i guess) and I will get a credit for it.

Other fun things are in the works. Garden planting, curriculum planning, wrapping up the school year, new chickens. Good stuff.