Tuesday, April 3, 2012

He who makes all things new

It has been a while. . . have you noticed the silence?

It is a time of year and a time of our lives when much is going on. And when I would look at this blog, nothing came to mind, so I wrote nothing.

Seasons of silence are good.

I am in a spring cleaning mode- more than my regular attempt at window cleaning. I am going through the black hole we call a basement where all the forgotten toys, extra books and unwanted stuff is laid to rest.

It is not a sure thing, but it looks like we could be moving to another house in our small town.

A good reason to purge. Anyone need a lite brite?

No big inspiring words here, but I have joined Paperback Swap, which I am hoping will take away some of the not so beloved books here and get us some new ones for homeschooling next year. I love the idea of using the social networking power of the internet for almost free books. :)

I have an icon on the side and if you join, you can put my name in (for those of you who know me in real life, i guess) and I will get a credit for it.

Other fun things are in the works. Garden planting, curriculum planning, wrapping up the school year, new chickens. Good stuff.

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