Monday, January 30, 2012

finish what you start- the dishcloth

I am starting a new series of posts. The basic premise is this- I am great at beginnings. I love to research, plan, gather materials, envision the finished product.
BUT I am not so great at completion. The going gets tough on one project and I get distracted by a new idea. Then I am off planning for the new thing and the old is left in a pile somewhere.
So I will be documenting here when I finish something- and I invite you to do the same on your blog. It may be crafty things, as I have bucket loads of them around. It may be writing or a house project or anything that is just hanging around begging to be completed.
It is hard to do the wrapping up things. It takes determination, perseverance and patience to make the final edits, clip the threads and push through. But we can do it.

So join me finishing well what we have begun. If you do put a project on your blog, please leave a comment, so we can all come and offer congratulations.

Today's finish what you start project was a dishcloth that I literally lost for a year halfway through the knitting process. It had been in my car as my portable knitting to do during baseball games and doctor appointments and then disappeared and was found later in my black hole of a basement. The pattern is from Mason-Dixon knitting, which I highly recommend for its HILARIOUS writing and its great patterns. The yarn is cotton yarn from our local yarn shop. Something and cream probably. as you can see, I made lots of mistakes. But this was the first time I did this pattern, and the goal was to finish it, which I did and use it, which I will. If it were to be a gift, I would probably have cared more about the mistakes. But its done! Yay!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

for my nine year old

Oh boy of mine, how do I tell you how I love you? You have so many gifts that make me and so many others shake our heads in wonder at God's great gift of your life.

I have told you the story so many times of how you were born, how we knew what your name would be and how we knew you would be very special. And you are. You are full of kindness and gentleness, generosity and curiosity, faith and love. Everyday your eyes literally sparkle with joy for the coming day. You always remind me that each day is a gift of God's love.

You have gone through some tough things this year and I am so proud of the courage and strength you have shown. You always have a positive outlook and encourage everyone around you. This will serve you well in life as you face new challenges.

It has been my great joy to see your love for God and the church grow this year. You have really been faithful in reading your devotional book and Bible and every day you remind us of truths we need to hold onto. I think this morning, before I was totally awake you were saying something like "You always have hope!" I am so looking forward to seeing you grow in your love for God.

Happy birthday, my sweet first born. May your year be filled with good friends, exciting stories and continued confidence in the wonderfulness of this world.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

a rare thing . . . a productive day

today i . . .
- got pictures resized and uploaded on a website
- finished our Christmas letters and sent them out
- helped my son clean out his bookcase and desk
- made phone calls
- put away the last of the Christmas decorations (that I can reach)

This productive day was brought to you by one wonderful grandmother that happily babysits and meals consisting of cheese and bread.

Monday, January 9, 2012

why you should learn to knit

"Knitting provides everything you need to do — everything you should have learned in kindergarten. It teaches you how to focus. It teaches you how to make a task and meet that goal. It teaches you now to ... control your anger. ... All of these are skills are life skills, are job skills. ... Skills that, quite possibly, many people in our society are lacking."

- from this interview on NPR. really fascinating

Sunday, January 1, 2012

looking forward, looking back

Some years you can look back and see some significant events, milestones in your life. As I look back at 2o11, I see a few big things, but mainly see the efforts of faithfulness. The attempt to live each day in the love and light of God. That seems monumental many times.

Looking back, I am thankful for:
- wonderful, caring doctors and nurses who have helped us through our needs and issues
- a blossoming 8 (almost 9) year old who grows in his love for God and others daily. He truly is a remarkable son.
- an energetic 5 year old who is a boy with a capital B and loves for us to all be together.
- a wonderful husband who has persevered through graduate school and is now beginning his career
- deepening friendships with women with whom I can cry, vent, and laugh really really hard. This is truly an answer to prayer and I don't take it lightly.
- a mentoring relationship with an older woman in our church. a living saint who listens, prays and encourages me
- a martial arts class that has helped our son with his coordination and confidence

Looking forward, I am praying for:
- a good job for my husband with decent pay and benefits
- continued grace for homeschooling and smooth transitions to new curriculum
- strong friendships for my children
- God's will to be done concerning looking for a new (to us) house
- wisdom as I explore new opportunities
- strength for the tasks we are given each day
- healing and wholeness for those close to us with many wounds
- wisdom and grace as we become godparents to two precious children
- perseverance and divine intervention as I work on my physical health
- continued strength and depth of friendships

Happy new year to you all! May God's grace be upon you.