Sunday, January 1, 2012

looking forward, looking back

Some years you can look back and see some significant events, milestones in your life. As I look back at 2o11, I see a few big things, but mainly see the efforts of faithfulness. The attempt to live each day in the love and light of God. That seems monumental many times.

Looking back, I am thankful for:
- wonderful, caring doctors and nurses who have helped us through our needs and issues
- a blossoming 8 (almost 9) year old who grows in his love for God and others daily. He truly is a remarkable son.
- an energetic 5 year old who is a boy with a capital B and loves for us to all be together.
- a wonderful husband who has persevered through graduate school and is now beginning his career
- deepening friendships with women with whom I can cry, vent, and laugh really really hard. This is truly an answer to prayer and I don't take it lightly.
- a mentoring relationship with an older woman in our church. a living saint who listens, prays and encourages me
- a martial arts class that has helped our son with his coordination and confidence

Looking forward, I am praying for:
- a good job for my husband with decent pay and benefits
- continued grace for homeschooling and smooth transitions to new curriculum
- strong friendships for my children
- God's will to be done concerning looking for a new (to us) house
- wisdom as I explore new opportunities
- strength for the tasks we are given each day
- healing and wholeness for those close to us with many wounds
- wisdom and grace as we become godparents to two precious children
- perseverance and divine intervention as I work on my physical health
- continued strength and depth of friendships

Happy new year to you all! May God's grace be upon you.

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  1. Happy new year, old friend.

    So much has happened over the last few years. Good to catch up on your life a bit via this blog.

    It would take WAY longer to catch you up on SO much has taken place.

    Be blessed!
    Pete S