Monday, January 30, 2012

finish what you start- the dishcloth

I am starting a new series of posts. The basic premise is this- I am great at beginnings. I love to research, plan, gather materials, envision the finished product.
BUT I am not so great at completion. The going gets tough on one project and I get distracted by a new idea. Then I am off planning for the new thing and the old is left in a pile somewhere.
So I will be documenting here when I finish something- and I invite you to do the same on your blog. It may be crafty things, as I have bucket loads of them around. It may be writing or a house project or anything that is just hanging around begging to be completed.
It is hard to do the wrapping up things. It takes determination, perseverance and patience to make the final edits, clip the threads and push through. But we can do it.

So join me finishing well what we have begun. If you do put a project on your blog, please leave a comment, so we can all come and offer congratulations.

Today's finish what you start project was a dishcloth that I literally lost for a year halfway through the knitting process. It had been in my car as my portable knitting to do during baseball games and doctor appointments and then disappeared and was found later in my black hole of a basement. The pattern is from Mason-Dixon knitting, which I highly recommend for its HILARIOUS writing and its great patterns. The yarn is cotton yarn from our local yarn shop. Something and cream probably. as you can see, I made lots of mistakes. But this was the first time I did this pattern, and the goal was to finish it, which I did and use it, which I will. If it were to be a gift, I would probably have cared more about the mistakes. But its done! Yay!


  1. Good job! I can so relate to starting and not finishing! Maybe I'll be able to join you in finishing something? Probably not very soon, though.

  2. Congrats. :) I don't have a blog right now, but will tell you that I finished a little project recently...framing & hanging three beautiful calendar prints you gave me for the kitchen. You'll see them when you visit soon. They look great and I'm so glad you had the idea for me. Thanks!