Tuesday, January 17, 2012

for my nine year old

Oh boy of mine, how do I tell you how I love you? You have so many gifts that make me and so many others shake our heads in wonder at God's great gift of your life.

I have told you the story so many times of how you were born, how we knew what your name would be and how we knew you would be very special. And you are. You are full of kindness and gentleness, generosity and curiosity, faith and love. Everyday your eyes literally sparkle with joy for the coming day. You always remind me that each day is a gift of God's love.

You have gone through some tough things this year and I am so proud of the courage and strength you have shown. You always have a positive outlook and encourage everyone around you. This will serve you well in life as you face new challenges.

It has been my great joy to see your love for God and the church grow this year. You have really been faithful in reading your devotional book and Bible and every day you remind us of truths we need to hold onto. I think this morning, before I was totally awake you were saying something like "You always have hope!" I am so looking forward to seeing you grow in your love for God.

Happy birthday, my sweet first born. May your year be filled with good friends, exciting stories and continued confidence in the wonderfulness of this world.


  1. Happy Birthday Simeon! We hold you dear!
    Hope you enjoyed your day. ;-) I just read this to your grandma who is off the computer for now. We love you!