Monday, July 18, 2011

when life gives you lemons...

More accurately titled: When you are a clutz, and spill salad dressing on your shirt. . . redo your shirt!

I am always getting something on me. Usually something oily that leaves a stain. So when I ruined this shirt which was fairly new and nice, I sighed. Then I stumbled upon this piece of knit fabric that I had gotten at a craft swap like 2 years ago (pack rats rock!) that was the exact same color. With the wonder of google (how did we use the internet before it?), I found this great tutorial.
Of course, the location of my stain didnt fit with the around the collar look, so i had to go with the winding flowers motif. There are some other great t-shirt modifications on that site that I want to try. I have attempted this tshirt flower look before and I have found that the key to it looking good is to make the flowers the same color as the underlying tshirt or lighter or darker hue of the same color.

Stay tuned for more creative endeavors I have in the works.

PS. you gotta love the double chin+ biting my lip with concentration look. can you believe this was the best picture of the bunch? sigh


  1. Great job!!

    I know, self-pictures of craft projects are the hardest part.

  2. Nice job! I don't have ANY nice pictures I took of myself in various projects. Oh well.

  3. cute! i made something similar last year....

  4. I am always spoiling my shirts that way. Your winding flowers look great.