Tuesday, August 23, 2011

skirt success!

Ok, so i am really bad at getting a good photo of myself in clothes. This one is with a timer, and it still got part of me cut off. Oh well. And I could have probably straightened up the porch before I took pictures too. The boy across the street was mowing the lawn and I was getting kind of embarrased to be taking so many pictures of myself.

This skirt was actually a practice skirt for another skirt. I was given all these large pieces of fabric and this is an inexpensive muslin that you usually use for a practice with a new pattern. Well, I liked the weight of it and decided to make it into a skirt. I dont know if you can tell, but the big white flower is a doily and the smaller blue ones are just embroidered.

It was supposed to be with an elastic waist, but the bunchiness of elastic does no favors for my waistline, so i put in a side zipper (didnt do it right, i will look up the right way to put in a zipper next time) and added 4 darts. Those were great because I could make it custom fit my very pear shaped body.

The real skirt is in the works and I will try to do a proper zipper this time and take some better photos to share.


  1. I love that you used the doily to make a flower!

    And yes -- darts are the best!! I just put some butt-darts into a dress I'm working on and probably spent 10 minutes prancing around half-dressed, extolling the virtues of butt-darts.

  2. mmm, I bet brent really likes butt darts now too. :)

  3. That doily flower is so creative!

  4. That turned out great! And the photo makes me smile.