Friday, September 16, 2011

a plug for parenthood

If you havent seen this show, go see it now.
Season 3 started this week.
It does something that I dont know if any other show does right now.
It celebrates marriage and family while at the same time it is very very real. No sappy sweet dialogues here. It has very real people that mess up then try to do the right thing. It has parents worrying over what is best for their child. It has teenagers trying to grow up too quickly. It has grandparents being there as the rock and listening ear without interfering too much. You will find that you genuinely like each character and likely empahise with the one that reflects your stage in life. It is not a show about a christian family, so there will be things you dont agree with. But, it is a great show to show how we can love others more than ourselves in the everyday choices of life.

Plus, you get to experience Zeke, the grandfather, who has wonderful lines like "Never flip another man's burger."

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