Saturday, December 10, 2011

pondered in the heart

Sometimes its good to talk, to flesh things out, to bounce ideas.

Sometimes its better to be quiet, to ponder, to pray.

The blog has been quiet since Thanksgiving. But that time of silence was needed.

Now I'm back.

The bedroom was cleaned and it actually was not as hard as I thought. There is still the problem with what to do with medicines. We have them in the drawers of a night stand, and spread out on the top of my chest of drawers, but what we need is a cabinet to put them in, where they are still easy to see, but can be hidden away.

Project for today is finishing Christmas gifts. Well, some of them. I have some photo presents that need to be ordered. Today I need to wrap some gifts and do some cards.

The family Christmas newsletter is waiting until hubby finds out about his new job. Pray for that one. The job, not the newsletter. I could probably get the envelopes addressed and ready.

Thats the news from here, folks.

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  1. Yes, quiet is good :) I hope that your husband hears good news about the job.