Wednesday, September 12, 2012

slimmer, faster- the confusion between us and our machines

I just saw a headline- new Iphone- thinner, faster.

It is disturbing that our society values the same characteristics for our machines as we do for ourselves.  We want to be slim, sleek, and quick.  We run, we diet, and if that fails, we wear spanx.

Is that why we disregard both the unborn and the very old?  They do not fit in with our accepted adjectives.

We talk about ourselves being connected, plugged in, wired for certain things. 

What happened to the things Jesus compared us to- lilies, birds, sheep?  Simple things with profound mystery to them.

Instead of being connected to everyone, anytime, anywhere, can we just sit in the quiet and be still with the One who knew us from before the creation of time?

Can we?

I am not thin, I am not fast.

I can sit. I can pray.  I can listen to the God who made me and will be here when all the shiny trinkets are gone.


  1. My phone is smaller and lighter and literally cost $10. Take that iMasses!

  2. Gotta watch these interviews with folks on the street who were holding an iPhone 4, but were told it was iPhone 5:

  3. I had to change parishes earlier this year, and one of the things I like best about the new parish is that it has many more old ladies. You can learn so much about piety just from watching them. Not sleek, not fast, not thin, but humble and courageous and determined not to be kept down by their infirmities. I hope to be like them some day.

  4. I keep checking although I know you haven't been blogging of late. Missed it. Hope all is well with you. Hugs to you and your family. Love,