Thursday, September 18, 2014

A little Scot left in my soul

I dont know all the particulars, the ramifactions, the prognostications and the predictions of what Scotland's independence would mean.

I just know there is a part of me that wants them to vote YES. 

Like most Americans, I'm a mix. Mostly English, a bit of German, but a whole lot of Scot-Irish.  I don't quite get it, but basically my people were too ornery for the English to handle, so they gave them land in Ireland just to get them out of their hair. 

So you could say I get the Scots desire to break free from the harness of the oppressive regime.

It must be that Scottish part of me. 

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  1. Me too. I actually have the results page tabbed on my screen right now and I'm refreshing every 5 minutes.