Tuesday, February 24, 2015

today I will begin

It happens every Lent, usually right in the beginning.  Something to get me distracted.  Something to make me think it is all about me, not all about God.  Feelings try to take the driver's seat to get me off track. 

And I get discouraged.  I see only the failures and shortcomings, of myself and others. 

But realizing my lack of power, control and perfection is really the first step in lent.  Its the first step towards the cross and resurrection.  If I could do this perfectly, there would be no space for God to work.  When I admit that I fail, it opens myself up wide for grace to come in. 

So, I look at today and see where I fell short of the mark.  And I thank God.  I thank him that my messing up is all part of the deal.  And I ask for grace to love others when they mess up. 

Then I go to bed and in the morning I begin a new day.

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