Friday, March 13, 2015

lust for power, ambition

I have seen too many movies and TV shows that have criminals, dictators and anti-social types.  That is what comes to mind when I hear "lust for power" and "ambition".  And that is bad because it can make me think I don't have that problem.

But I do.

The way I interact with my kids really shows me my struggles with power and control.  On one hand, God has given me children to raise in the knowledge of Him and that means giving direction and guidance.  On the other hand, God has made my children their own little persons with wills and personalities and paths in life that He will lead them on.  

So there is a dance I do everyday.  Lay out boundaries, give advice, season conversations with wisdom. But mostly I am hoping it sticks.  I am hoping that seeds are planted and that God will be faithful to do the watering and pruning long after I am gone. 

For when it comes down to it, I can only have so much power and so much control. The thing that those Hollywood villans and I do have in common is our finiteness.  We will leave this earth someday and all the words and actions we have done will be done.  All that will be left is our influence. 

So, yes God, take from me the desire to hold onto control.  Take away the need to make all things and people perfect.  Let me be faithful with what you have given me and lay the rest at your feet.

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