Wednesday, November 23, 2011

spices: done (pretty much), recipes: in progress, bedroom: dont ask

well, the spices are done. How i forgot to get dill when I was at the grocery and it right there on my list is beyond me.

the recipes are spread on the dining room table. who knew how many recipes i had torn from magazines? Tons. And i seem to have a lot of salad recipes. The continual quest to get my children to eat vegetables.

my room? still the center of chaos. It will need a solid chunk of undivided attention, so it probably wont happen until Joel is home or mom takes the boys for an afternoon.

goal today: finish recipes


  1. Bedroom: don't ask is pretty much a permanent state around here. Time once again to close the door....

  2. Yes, the same thing happens with out bedroom. Sometimes I feel like it is a lost cause..

    Good job with the spices, though :)