Saturday, November 19, 2011

thanksgiving to do list

I am fortunate to not have to cook 15 different dishes for Thanksgiving. But I do have a list of things I would really like to get done around the house with this week off.

-- fill up my spice jars. I have a cutesy little spice rack by my stove in which about half of the jars are empty. I have replacements to fill them with, I just never take the time too and I just use the spices straight from the refills. This will take me half an hour tops if I have all the necessary spices, but it is one of those things that just dont get done around here.

-- clean my room. I make the boys clean theirs every day, well at least pick up the floor. But my room is the final resting place for all the homeless items around here. Things to go to Goodwill, clothes that need ironing, old magazines, mismatched socks. They are all there, waiting for me to put them where they belong. This may take a couple days if I have to get stuff to Goodwill and with interruptions.

-- organize my cookbooks and recipes. This is really a pitiful thing to behold. The shelf that houses my cookbooks is full of cards, printed off recipes and little scraps of paper with cryptic things written that made sense for some recipe at some time. I have a recipe box, I have a binder to keep my printed off ones. If I can lay it all out and not get off task, I think I can tackle it in an hour or two.

So, there it is. I hope to post my progress on these things and include before and after shots, just for accountability's sake.

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  1. That sounds just like my room! I have a desk, but it's usually so buried in stuff that I can't even think of using it!