Tuesday, March 12, 2013

God as air

For my agnostic, atheist friends,

We have sat up late together.  Over mugs of hot steaming tea or chilled glasses of wine. On a front porch in the Romanian summer heat.  On cushy couches while winter played outside.

You say you don't know.  You just can't believe.  You don't see how God makes sense.

I say, that's alright.   You don't have to believe for God to be.  Your yes does not create Him.  He exists with or without you.

As this conversation has spiraled and turned around on itself and come out all in knots, you have been breathing.  That air you breathe is all around you and in you and through you and you don't ever have to choose to let it in.  When you aren't thinking about it or acknowledging it, it still feeds you and keeps you and gives you life.

You don't see air.  You don't contemplate its existence.  Until you are kept from it.  Until you can't have enough of it. Until it is contaminated.  Until its strength does something you didn't expect. 

But it doesn't depend on you.  It is there for you, but not because of you.

Just breathe. 

1 comment:

  1. He is there, whether you choose to recognize it or not. ♥ It amazing to me how just sitting in the woods or being outdoors, seeing little shoots begin to grow seems so spiritual...but it's because I know who made this miracle of life happen!