Monday, April 15, 2013

a pledge- no new projects

i have 12 weeks til this baby comes.  It may be an ENFJ thing, but I get inspired to start a project, and somewhere get distracted and set the project aside.  I love it when things are finished, but sometimes going the last mile is slow in happening.  So, I am committing here in the public arena- NO NEW PROJECTS!  I have so much to finish, there will not be enough time before baby comes, but I can hope. 

Here are projects that I have started and not finished . . . yet:

timeline notebook with boys
medical bills binder
file system for next year homeschooling
close out accounts from homeschool group
begin accounts for next year homeschool group
knitted washcloth
knitted tshirt bath rug
knitted baby poncho
maternity shirt
research paper
superhero puppets

 This is just what I remember off the top of my head.  There are more, I am sure that i have forgotten.  I will add them as a remember and cross off the completed ones.  


  1. Wow- that is still A LOT, Monica! I hope you can accomplish what you'd like without being stressed :) All the best for the next 12 weeks!

  2. SO very excited to hear about the new baby. xoxo