Friday, July 11, 2014


I have a friend who's teenage son flies planes.  Yes, FLIES PLANES!!!  Just thinking of a teenager behind the wheel is stress inducing, but a plane!!!

What I admire about this mom is her utter confidence in him. She has taught him how to learn and trusted that as he worked hard at aviation classes, he would have the tools he needs to fly.  And he does.

My oldest is going to take a big step in a few days.  Its not flying a plane, but another way of learning independence.  It feels like a big deal, but really we have been working towards this for years.  First with picking up his toys, then with putting his plate in the dishwasher.  Then feeding pets, then cleaning the bathroom.  He is able to take this step and succeed.

Am I?  Can I learn from my friend and be confident in him?  Be confident in me? Can I rest knowing that this child was never truly mine, but a gift given to me for a time so that I could give him to the world? 

Fly, my sweet one, fly. 


  1. You made me cry! I LOVE your last sentence.

  2. Im glad you read this. You are my inspiration!