Sunday, July 13, 2014

things I am picky about- travel cups

I am not a princess.  I do not have to have things just a certain way.  I sit here writing while i eat crackers from a box and hummus from the container, just so I dont have to wash dishes.  I am VERY low maintenance.

But, there are a few things out there I am picky about.  i may do a series of posts on these things.  I may not. 

When i was pregnant, i had various health problems and the answer to every single one was- DRINK MORE WATER.   Literally 100 ounces a day.  I mean literally in the literal sense- 100 OUNCES A DAY.  Ok, sorry for shouting.

So I got picky about what containers I used for my water.  I love how water tastes in glasses, but it does make a mess and for a mama on the go, i need something that can take a beating.  I tried the insulated cups with straws and found they leaked, cracked and spilled when knocked over.  Metal sports water bottles were good for most things, but sometimes hard to get ice in, and i like my water cold. 

This week I may have found the perfect water cup.  If you have an Aldi store, get there fast.  They have a deal with two insulated cups that look like mason jars.  They come with straws (which are taped to the underside of the packaging, so dont be a dummy like me and forget to untape one and throw it in the recycling :(  ) but they also have a sippy part that has a flap that covers it.  It is great because you unscrew it and there is a wide mouth for putting in ice.  You can use the straw or the sippy.  AND you can put hot or cold in it!!! I love sweet tea, and i usually just make it by the glass, so these are perfect for that.   I think they run 2 cups for $8 or something.

A little summertime pleasure for the picky water drinker.

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