Monday, July 7, 2014

teaching me everyday

God gave me very different children.  I guess we can all say that.  The gifts of one are the struggles of another and vice versa.  They are each beautiful, radiant with joy which helps me think I am doing something right. . . so far. 

Having children with different needs, different strengths, different challenges pushes me to think creatively and react with empathy.  Sometimes I get frustrated, wonder how I am repeating something we have discussed dozens of times.  On the bad days, I am just breathing deep and moving on to the next thing.  On good days, I remember how I still knit so poorly after years of doing it.  I think about how some things just dont interest me at all and I have to listen patiently when someone else gushes about those topics. 

I am learning still. And my children are my teachers.

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