Thursday, July 3, 2014

Im back. . .

This is my stone to throw to the world. . .

I left this blog because I had so many pressing things, i didnt know what to do and this seemed optional.

Over a year later, the list isnt shorter, but the discussion at Melissa's blog has reminded me of all the good fruit I have received from blogs over the years. 

So I am going to try again.  5 minutes, thats all.  Whatever I have on my mind is what will come out.  Well, with some filters. :)

It is a cool day today and i am going to spend as much time outside weeding as I can.  The garden is doing so great this year, but the weeds are growing too.

Notes to myself:
Vacationing in June is way better for the gardener's timeframe.  Everything is in the ground by then but there is not anything needing to be picked yet (except strawberries).

Mulch next year as you are planting.  Digging out weeds in July and laying down newspaper is much harder.  and less effective.

Planning for next year in my head.  We are studying US history.  Thankful that we have so many books already.  Thankful for a good library.  I am figuring out what are the most important books to read.  This is the last year my oldest will be doing the same history as us, so I want to make it a fun, memorable year.

More tomorrow. . .

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