Thursday, July 10, 2014

create a little every day

eat breakfast
nurse baby
get dressed
start laundry
clean up kitchen
check that kids did chores, violin, reading
baby down for nap
listen to kid read
garden (if its not too hot)
baby wakes
nurse baby
check math of older kid
make a phone call
make lunch
eat lunch
clean up from lunch
kids to rest time
make tea
check email
write on blog
computer work
make important phone calls that cant be interrupted
kids up
run errands (maybe)
clean house (maybe)
play with baby
make dinner
eat dinner
clean up dinner
take kid to karate, tennis, whatever
work in garden (if not too hot)
get baby ready for bed
hubby home
baby to bed
boys to bed
fold laundry
hubby and me time
knit a little, sew a little, create something
read a little

This is a pretty accurate view of a normal day here.  This is definitely a summer schedule, one that doesnt have much schooling going on in it.  The creating part is just a little 30 minutes or 1 hr at night, when hubby and I can talk and my brain is too tired for much else.  I dont finish projects very fast.  I dont do anything very complicated.  But for me, that little bit of handwork feeds me and fuels me for all the other things I do, which is another kind of creating.  Creating a home. :)

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