Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gathering my Thoughts

Elizabeth Foss has been one of my favorite blog authors since I started reading blogs.  Her voice has helped me in my growing into my vocation of motherhood.  In honor of her honesty and faith, I am doing a "Gathering My Thoughts"  post today.

:: outside my window
It is summer, but not the sticky oppressive summer.  The breezy warm, stay on the porch and drink sweet tea kind of summer.  After a long winter, it is feels like riches.

:: listening to
Silence.  Big kids are at grandmas.  Baby is asleep.  This is my productive time.  All 45 minutes of it.

:: clothing myself in
Capris and a sleeveless top.  My oldest has been growing through lots of clothes lately and gets sentimental when I pronounce something too small.  When he saw my capri pants today he told me I was growing out of them.  :) 

:: talking with my children about these books
Little Women-  My oldest and I are reading it together this summer.  He asked me the other day "Beth is going to get better, right?"  I channeled my inner Marmee and said, "You'll see."  My middle one looked ahead and saw in the pictures that someone gets married and decided it must be Beth, so he pronounced that it would all work out.  We may have some tears shed before this is over
Ramona books-  My favorite childrens book series of all time.  I see why I loved these so dearly as a child.  She really communicates the inner world of a child so clearly.  The plot lines are so very mundane, but the rich characterization and internal dialogue make you feel like the world has shifted.  Which, of course, it has for an 8 year old.  Very satisfying reading.

:: thinking and thinking
About Saints Peter and Paul.  This podcast got me thinking about how very different these two men were and yet how God used each one mightily and even brought them together in unity.  It gives me hope for the church.  God can work in very diverse people that don't always even like each other. There is hope for me.

Ok, my 5 minutes are up.  I need go capitalize on what remains of baby rest time.

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