Monday, July 21, 2014

just in time. . .

A couple weeks ago I performed the ritual thousands of moms are doing right now. 

I made up a family schedule for this fall.

When your primary job is to keep you home running, this is a big event.  There are many needs to consider, many activities with fixed times and days, and as a homeschool mom, there are chunks of time we need to be home and things we hope to fit into that time.   Its not an easy task.

But I wrote that schedule and just let it sit.  I went away for a while, I thought about my goals, my desires and my children's ages and stages. 

I am so glad I did.  That little time away to breathe, to consider, to reflect makes all the difference.  Then, providentially, I saw this website.  Go there and look.

Yes, yes.  This is what my heart was telling me in that down time.  I needed to remember that teaching from a state of anxiety or panic or worry isn't why I am doing this.  Rest, space, down time.  That is why we are homeschooling.  This little blip called childhood is a small percentage of our lives and I want my children to roll around in it, to soak in the space where creativity is born.  To eat up all the good stuff I can give them.

So i will go back to that schedule soon and toss out the things I have on there because some voice inside told me I "should".   I will look at what is the essence of our education.  What matters most.  That is what I will keep.

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