Saturday, July 12, 2014


I have lived long enough to have a variety of friendships.  The kind that are full of laughter.  The kind that go to deep, difficult subjects easily.  The kind you can call on for whatever is needed and you are there for them in need too.

And I have had friendships change.  Sometimes it is a blossoming from and acquaintance to a true friendship.  From that "we should really get together sometime" to actually finding the time to spend time together, even if it is just to run after kids at the park.  Sometimes a friend becomes a coworker, and sometimes the other way around.

But, like most people, I have had friendships that have grown distant.  Sometimes physically, when one of us has moved away and it is just harder to communicate.  And at times someone has backed off and given less time and energy to the relationship.  Sometimes that was me backing off, needing space.  Sometimes it was the other person.

I know a friendship can change for all the right reasons, but I also know it can be painful.  

A strange 5 minute post today, but there it is.

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