Tuesday, August 5, 2014

7 rooms, 7 days, 7 hours

The other day I was feeling that familiar sense of despair at the mess in my house.  I knew this week was a more open schedule than other weeks, but I still was so overwhelmed and didnt know where to start cleaning.

Then I started counting the rooms in our house.  Its not a big house, theres actually only 7 rooms.  2 baths, 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen.  The mudroom and garage are another matter entirely:) 

I thought, here I am with a week, which has 7 days, and 7 rooms to work on.  If I spent one hour a day (which is one baby naptime) on each room, it would make a real dent in this mess. 

So, I am on day 3 of this experiment (more or less).  Here is how it has gone so far:

Saturday:  this was the day the idea came to me, so I didnt really have a plan yet.  I think i put away laundry, which should count for something.

Sunday:  cleaned our bathroom which would have been condemned if the health dept had seen it.  it was SO bad.  I still need to tackle the closet in our bathroom, but that exceeded my 1 hour of time.

Monday:  This was a busy day with other things, organizing at our CC facility, making pickles, babysitting, having a friend over.  I didnt really get much cleaning done. 

Tuesday:  This is called the most productive day of the week for a reason.  I had no out of the house plans, so I got our bedroom looking a lot better (mostly by putting away my craft stuff) and finally got rid of some things that have sat around for years that can now go to the thrift shop. I also worked on homeschooling stuff, which kind of counts for the living room since that is where the baskets I cleaned out are housed.

Whats left? 
Boys room- I have organization plans for in there, but need hubbys help with a shelf installation.
Boys bathroom- they actually keep theirs cleaner than we do ours, but the linen closet needs some help.
Babys room- this doesnt have too much, but there is another season change coming and I am pretty sure her 12 mo dresses are too short even for a baby so the ceremonial switching out of clothes must be done.
Kitchen- this is the room that could just get cleaned forever.  the task I am avoiding the most which probably means it is the most urgent is cleaning out the fridge.  You know its bad when an unknown spill is making the crisper drawer stick to the bottom of the fridge.  ick. 

I will keep you posted on my progress.  4 days left. 

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