Saturday, August 2, 2014

a brief history of love songs over 20 years of loving (and 17 of marriage!)

We dont really have "our song"  but these are a few I love that come close.  Warning: Some of these videos contain almost nudity, scenes from Twilight, etc.  I am not condoning the videos, just the songs.  Put them on while you do something else on the computer. :)

** update** my sweet husband played a song this morning that he wrote and recorded for the night he proposed.  We are both in a musical mood this anniversary.  I love you honey, forever and ever. 

This was sung at our wedding:

This has been a song I have in my head every anniversary
I heard this one last year and was brought to tears by the lyrics and his voice
I heard this song in Lowes (a place that always reminds me of my husband) and knew it would go on the list.  This is the voice I wish I had, but dont. :)

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