Monday, August 4, 2014

pain, beauty and joy in the deepest parts of us

I listened to Radio Lab today and it was all about memory.  They found people who had lost their memories to amnesia could still remember pain and music. There was even a conductor who didnt talk but could remember how to conduct when he heard a familiar piece.

Somewhere, deep in us is the capacity to feel joy and pain even if we cant remember where we are or who are loved ones are.  What does that say about us, about how we are made?

I am not a philosopher, but it seems that when all the things we have worked to make ourselves into are taken away, all the thoughts of our achievements and accomplishments disappear,  we are left with something more.  Deep down we are drawn to the good and recoil from the bad.  From an evolutionary standpoint, it makes sense to avoid something that could cause harm.  But why music?  Why do we still sing when we cant remember anything else?

Maybe because we came from heaven and are meant for heaven. 

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