Friday, August 8, 2014

i won the humility prize. . .

. . . but they took away the medal because I wore it.  :)

True Story-  The other day I was thinking about a friend who had said a negative comment about someone else and I thought, "Wow, she really needs to learn humility.  I would never say that." 

Yeah, between the publican and the pharisee, I think we all know which one I sound more like.

This week had plans, lovely plans.  I am SO GOOD at plans (that lovely humility I do so well). 

But then there was life, REAL LIFE.   Friends wrestling with big issues that just need to talk.  Children that need attention.  A phone call to a doctors office that turns into four phone calls to insurance companies.  Any semblance of productivity faded away. 

But this is good.  This is all what a proud peacock like me needs.  I need to be reminded now and then that all I want to happen may not be all He has for me.  Faithfulness (which is connected to a person- God) is my purpose rather than Success (which is connected to tasks). 

As with the appearance of light, darkness retreats; so at the fragrance of humility, all anger and bitterness vanishes.  (St. John Climacus)


  1. Monica, I just realized today that you were blogging again! I look forward to catching up on your posts, as i have always appreciated your perspectives on life, faith, family, gardening, etc. Be blessed and encouraged! Christy Durrance

    1. Thanks, Christy. It is just a little blogging everyday. Not muc, but something.