Saturday, August 9, 2014

looking at old pictures

We are making a desperate attempt to be good parents and go through old pictures on the computer.  It has been YEARS, like several of them, since we have gotten photos printed on actual paper.

As we look at pictures from long ago, it is good and sad-  that is why we have the word bittersweet.  Those round baby faces were so real at that moment, but now they are different.  Still sweet, but bony and angular.  The things that brought them joy are the same as now, just in different ways.  We dont roll the ball, we swing a bat at it now.  We dont scribble on paper, we draw intricate scenes of movies. We dont wrestle. . . oh wait, we still wrestle.

I see things I miss, things I regret. But I see so much more that I treasure, that I look back on with deep gratitude.  Thankful for the grace that held us in so many moments.  The gift of family.

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