Wednesday, August 13, 2014

the tomatoes survive

I posted a while ago about my "30 minute" gardening, which is based on about the max stretch of time I get out in the garden in one day.  

The problem is, I dont get that stretch of time everyday.  And the weeds grow everyday.

If you were to look at my garden today you would see a big mess of weeds.  If you dont know where to look, you might think it is ALL weeds.  But then you would see a little flash of red and realize that there are some tomatoes out there.  They have made it despite my lack of discipline. 

We have  counterful that are ready to be made into sauce or salsa or soup.  They have that lovely round shape and the tender but not mushy skin.  For us tomato lovers, it is perfection.

And that is how my life is.  Lots of weeds.  Lots of weakness, failings, disappointments in myself and others, shortfalls, hubris, good intentions that fall short.

But sometimes there is a glimmer of red, a bit of sweetness and beauty.  There is fruit being born, life continuing.  Grace being poured out on my weak self.  Morsels for the blind beggar. 

It doesn't (and never has) depended on me.  God uses me, with all my inabilities and brokenness, and makes good things.


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